A 7-Year-Old Rushed To Hospital After Swallowing What?

A 7-Year-Old Rushed To Hospital After Swallowing What?
January 3, 2020

As you may know, AirPods have become a popular accessory to Apple products. For a seven-year-old boy in Atlanta his experience with AirPods didn’t go as planned…

He ended up swallowing an one of his AirPods that he had just gotten for Christmas. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors told his parents they really couldn’t do anything about it.

Thankfully, the severity of the incident was minimal, as Stroud’s seven-year-old son is expected to make a speedy recovery, with doctors telling her that the AirPod will pass out of the boy’s system eventually. Unfortunately, the latest episode may not have had the most positive effect on the child.

Lesson learned. If you’re wanting to get someone of a younger age ear buds such as AirPods, perhaps go with headphones to avoid getting ingested by accident. Thankfully the seven-year-old made a full recovery!