NH Restaurant Goers Tell Us How Outdoor Seating Opening Day Went

NH Restaurant Goers Tell Us How Outdoor Seating Opening Day Went
May 19, 2020

Some NH Restaurants have started to re-open under new guidelines that includes outdoor seating, 6-feet apart, with no more than 6 people at each table.

Yesterday Granite Staters started to go back to their favorite food establishments to enjoy some outdoor dining with family and friends.

Nazzy & Tara from 105.5 JYY spoke with some NH residents that were able to get a table on outdoor seating opening day.

Ian Symons said, “It was really great and people were really happy to be there. There was that awkward moment, but it was OK.”

There were also Sanitizing Stations set up. Symons said, “everyone was good about it. There were a few people kind of flinchy, but it was good.” Ian also said “The waitstaff was truly happy to see all the patrons return.”

Erin Hallgren said “She enjoyed every second of being waited on.” “It was so nice to see people out enjoying the sun, atmosphere, and return to normalcy.”

There is a “new normal.” Hallgren said, “every table had a sanitizer on them. All the servers and chefs were wearing masks. Even the menus were only going to be used a few times and then recycled.”

Hear both full conversations below.

(Photo Credit: WHYM in Hampton via Facebook)