This Local College is Cranking Out Cool Looking Ear Guards For Healthcare Workers

Nazzy & Tara from 105.5 JYY spoke with Dr. Chuck Lloyd, President of White Mountains Community College, about how they have jumped in to lend a hand during this pandemic.

Dr. Lloyd explained how the school has possession of a special 3D printer and one of the professors, John Holt, took it home to help out medical personnel. He said, “He started printing out ear guards, face masks and face shields. We are in the process of getting more 3D printers.”

So, how can we help? Dr. Lloyd said “White Mountains Community College is looking to establish a printer farm, putting the 3D printers together. So instead of taking 10-12 minutes, each copy would take just a few.”

If you’d like to help out, please contact Dr. Chuck Lloyd at: [email protected]