Does Gov Chris Sununu Think Students Will Be Going Back to School Before Summer?

105.5 JYY’s Nazzy & Tara spoke with Governor Chris Sununu about the possibility of students returning to school before summer. According to the Governor, “Doesn’t look like kids will be going back to school this year. We couldn’t find a pathway for it.”

“We are encouraging districts to make up their own mind. This was a whole new challenge for everybody.”

The Governor went on to talk about NH’s economy and his concern for making sure the curve doesn’t trend in the other direction: “Public safety has to be first! When the economy is strong, everything else falls into place.”

The Governor is very happy that we have kept our social distance and take the CDC guidelines very serious here in New Hampshire, “What we have done as a state has saved lives!”

Governor Chris Sununu on the Morning Wake Up With Nazzy & Tara