Manchester Woman Famous For Zoom­-Bombing Daughters’ Classes in Full Costume is An Absolute Treat

Manchester mom, Jennifer Kulesza, loves to have some fun while her daughters are trying to learn. Each morning, while her kids Isabella & Lillian are zooming into class, Jennifer dresses up and dances around in the background.

Nazzy & Tara from 105.5 JYY got a chance to speak with the mom who has Zoom Bombed more than 50 classroom meetings. (Don’t worry, her girls do think it’s funny)

So, where does she get all the creative and fun costumes? Jennifer is a “huge fan of Halloween. Plus, neighbors and friends have donated to the cause.”


Isabella does like it, but “sometimes it’s embarrassing.” One thing’s for sure, the happy memories this mom is creating will last way longer than any pandemic!

Hear the full interview with Jennifer here.